Great Glen Charcuterie

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Great  Glen  Charcuterie  is  a   family business   established  in  2003  by  Jan Jacob and Anja  Baak. Over  the  years the company has  evolved from full time deer processing to specialised charcuterie production.  The Baaks had moved  from  the  Netherlands with their young  family  to  live  and  work  in  the beautiful  and  remote countryside of the Highlands of Scotland in 2000.

After much experimenting  with venison, they   built   a  wooden   smoker  in  the garden and developed the first Venison Salami. Friends  and  family  enjoyed  the  charcuterie and  encouraged  them  to  start the business. 

The company  operates  from  the  Old Butchershop in the small village of  Roy Bridge  in  the  Scottish Highlands  and supplies independent retailers and restaurants across the UK  and abroad.

Only Great Glen Charcuterie’s Venison & Pork products contain pork, all their other products  are  made  with  100% wild Scottish venison.  This  makes them a healthy alternative to the more common, pork based charcuterie and also suitable for people who do not want to eat pork.