Cornish Venison

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I offer a unique style of cooking that brings high quality Venison and Game products from Cornwall delivered at a street level; I concentrate on Taste and Texture.  A micro primary producer, I operate under a ‘European Hunter’ licence that allows me to take from the wild, produce and then sell direct to the public.  As such, I control all aspects of the process guaranteeing sustainability and provenance.   I limit the number of festivals I attend a year and also operate from the Truro Farmers Market.   Venison is high in Iron and low in fat, Game is a just a superb meat to deal with having so much flavour and little fat. The game I use depends on the season but includes partridge, rabbit, snipe, woodcock, pheasant, pigeon and duck.   I have a great following and repeat visits are high in number; I really enjoy the interaction with customers where I give advice on how to cook at home.  I have listed below a sample menu.